Inclusive Crew Roles

Hire people with disability on your crew. By actively seeking and hiring crew members with disabilities, a production not only fosters a more inclusive work environment but also benefits from a broader range of perspectives and talents. This approach promotes an industry culture that values diversity and recognizes the contributions of individuals with disabilities in various roles, such as camera operators, production runners, animators or assistant editors.

Putting into place an active Inclusion Plan involves identifying potential barriers and challenges that individuals with disabilities might face during the production and implementing strategies to overcome them. This could include providing assistive technologies, offering flexible work arrangements, or adjusting schedules to accommodate specific needs.

Resource Kit

We've made comprehensive resources available with every certification to help you make your content more inclusively:

  • Guide: Inclusive Crew Management

Certification Requirements

  • Crew role and job description of the crew with disability on set
  • Details about the reasonable accommodations required for each individual

Need Additional Support?

Our partners can help create inclusive productions and meet certification requirements:

Inclusion Partners