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Authentic inclusion in commercial film production

Inclusively Made

People living with disability make up 20% of our global population, yet we are a long way from seeing this diversity reflected in film, television and online. That’s why we help organisations to create employment opportunities for people living with disability pursuing professional careers in the film and creative industries both in front and behind the camera.

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Inclusion in Action training workshops with a focus on gaining a better understanding of the rights and capacity of people living with disability.


The workshop skills participants in being more confident to employ, work alongside and collaborate with people living with disability in film and creative production.


Commercial film production working with people living with disability throughout every stage of production in roles both in-front and behind the camera to ensure 100% authentic inclusive filmmaking.

We work collaboratively with people with lived experience of disability to create award-winning films and creative productions around the world.


We provide a range of consultancy services to companies and projects wishing to explore inclusion around storytelling, casting, employment and production practices.  


Our expertise in inclusive filmmaking and advocacy, enhances strategic, commercial and social justice outcomes through a lens of intersectional diversity and inclusion.


“Representing a relatable, authentic picture of the places we all live in is central to ensuring the stories we tell ring true.”

Debbie Lee
Director of Scripted Development; Matchbox Pictures

“It's imperative that we use powerful stories to challenge common misconceptions about people with disability.”

Graeme Innes AM
Past Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner 

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The Incluisve Filmmaking Toolkit

The Inclusive Filmmaking Toolkit has been created to provide our screen and creative industries with an essential resource to help guide the sector to become more inclusive and disability-confident.

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