About the Certification

The Inclusively Made Certification is a catalyst for change. The certification is designed to create achievable, meaningful changes to the way film productions engage people with disability. When followed, it lowers barriers to entry and creates opportunities for a new generation of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, to make the stories of tomorrow.

Anyone can apply to have individual productions be certified as Inclusively Made, which evaluates practices across three core areas:

The Process

How to get Certified

The easiest way to get certified is to create a free Inclusion Plan. Follow the plan in your production, and certification is easy:

Step One: Create your Inclusion Plan

Use our free planning tool to create an Inclusion Plan with Provisional Certification

Create Your Plan

Step Two: Shoot Your Production

Follow your Plan during your production. We're here to help every step of the way.

Resources to Help

Step Three: Certify Your Production

Submit your documentation for review. Once certified, promote it tino your credits!

Get Certified


How much does Certification Cost?

We've designed the certification process to be accessible to productions of any size. Productions with smaller budgets require less documentation, take less time, and cost less for your team:

Your Production Budget

Certification Cost:


Inclusively Made Certification helps support your production and a more inclusive industry.

This cost covers:

2 hours of review and certification for your production, processed by people with disability.
1 hour of individual support for your production.
Developing the certification and free resources
Administration and company costs

Need some extra help?

We’re here to help! The Inclusively Made Resource Kit is full of helpful How-To Guides, Creative Templates, and Production Paperwork. Everything you need to create your next project inclusively

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