Resource Kit

Embark on a journey towards an inclusive and diverse film production with the Inclusively Made Resources Kit. This comprehensive toolkit is meticulously crafted to empower filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals to not only create inclusive productions but also to attain the coveted Inclusively Made certification.

All of our guides, templates and paperwork are included:

Our Resource Kit is included with every Certification.

Inclusion Consultation

As part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive industry, we offer comprehensive inclusion consultation services to guide clients through the process of creating truly inclusive projects.

Our experienced team of inclusion experts provide tailored guidance on integrating inclusive practices, from concept development to production and post-production. Whether it's developing an inclusive concept, providing mentoring opportunities for individuals with disability, or ensuring accessible communication and documentation, we are here to support every step of the journey.

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A diverse crew on the set of a film.

Everything You Need to Fly

How-To Guides

Unlock the secrets to fostering an inclusive and accessible film set with our step-by-step How-To Guides. From casting individuals with disabilities to implementing best practices for accommodation, these guides provide invaluable insights and practical advice at every stage of your production.

Creative Templates

Elevate your storytelling with our Creative Templates designed to seamlessly integrate diversity and authenticity into your narrative. Tailor your characters, dialogue, and plotlines to reflect the richness of the human experience, ensuring that your story resonates with audiences from all walks of life.

Production Paperwork

Streamline the administrative side of inclusive production with our Production Paperwork templates. These documents are meticulously designed to facilitate the implementation of accessibility and accommodation measures, making it easier than ever to align your production with Inclusively Made standards.

What's Inside?

We include all of the Guides, Templates and Paperwork to meet each section of the Certification:

Inclusive Casting:

  • Guide: Equal Representation
  • Guide: Authentic Casting
  • Template: Casting Brief

Accessible Auditions:

  • Guide: Running Accessible Auditions

Inclusive Mentoring :

  • Guide: Working with Mentees
  • Template: Mentee Job Descriptions
  • Template: Mentee Handbook
  • Template: Accessibility and Participation Plan

Inclusive Crew Roles:

  • Guide: Inclusive Crew Management

Accessible Documentation:

  • Guide: Creating Accessible Documents
  • Guide: Creating Accessible Call Sheets

Accessible Locations:

  • Template: Accessible Locations Checklist

Safe & Inclusive Environment:

  • Guide: Creating Safe and Inclusive Workspaces
  • Template: Statement of Inclusion

Accessible Broadcast:

  • Guide: Creating Accessible Content

Helpful Resources

Below is our ever expanding curated list of external links, offering invaluable resources to enhance inclusivity in your production projects. Let these resources inspire and empower you to make a positive impact.