Video Transcript

Every person deserves to be reflected in the stories we tell.

Unfortunately, for 20% of the world, this isn't the case.

1 in 5 people live with disability,

yet representation of people with disability remains inexcusably low.

That's where Inclusively Made comes in.

Inclusively Made take one.

Welcome to the world first inclusion initiative

that's reshaping the landscape of film,

television and advertising.

Inclusively Made is the global standard for inclusion in production.

Certifying your campaign, TV series or film,

will provide a platform for people with disability

to engage and thrive in our creative industry

and be reflected in the stories that we tell.

But what exactly does it mean to be inclusive?

An Inclusively Made production has achieved certification

from a range of actions across eight pillars of inclusion.

Ensuring people with disability are involved in production both in front and behind the camera.

Inclusively Made helps organisations to create inclusive productions with ease.

Join with us to make inclusion

the new standard in production.