Video Transcript

Every production and campaign is different and so too is inclusion.

That's why the Inclusively Made certification can be tailored to your production.

So there is no reason why every production can't be truly inclusive.

So how do you do it?

To obtain Inclusively Made certification, productions are required to achieve a minimum of 100 points from a range of actions from the eight inclusion pillars.

This can consist of any criteria combination which best benefits your project.

But inclusion is not an afterthought that can be slapped on at the end; it starts at the beginning.

Here's how it works;

By involving people with disability in the creative process, productions ensure authentic representation and broaden the scope of storytelling.

During concept development, Inclusively Made can support you to bring your story to life in the most authentic way possible.

You can then create your productions Inclusion Plan with the support of the online Inclusion Planner.

Every Inclusion Plan also comes with a unique Producer's Playbook providing a roadmap to inclusion just for your production.

Use your Inclusion Plan throughout the production and you'll be set to achieve your Inclusively Made certification.

But what's actually involved in certification? Let me break it down.

There are eight pillars to inclusive production. You can select a combination of actions that best fit with your project.

Inclusive casting creates opportunities for people with disability to play roles on screen, promoting authentic representation and breaking stereotypes.

Accessible auditions remove barriers, providing equal opportunities for individuals with disability to participate in casting calls.

Inclusive mentoring offers opportunities for people with disability to learn, grow, and pursue careers in production.

Inclusive crew roles ensure diverse perspectives are represented behind the scenes, fostering a more inclusive work environment.

Accessible documentation ensures that all communications are clear, effective and accessible.

Accessible locations require work and production locations are accessible on all occasions that people with disability are involved.

Safe and Inclusive Environments prioritises safety inclusion of all team members throughout the production.

This involves not only physical safety measures, but also an atmosphere of respect, equity, and open communication.

And finally, accessible broadcast ensures that everyone can enjoy productions through features like audio description and captions.

Every inclusive action comes with helpful how-to guides and production templates that you can download to support you through every step of production, as well as links to fantastic service providers who can assist.

And if you'd like our expert guidance, we can support you through the entire process with a wealth of experience and local expertise in inclusive production.

Join with us to make inclusion the new standard in production.